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October in Learning Stores

Hello to everyone perusing our posts, here is a lovely little October update for you. 

175 students are attending our Learning Stores this year. We estimate that aproximately 40 students will graduate in June 2021. We are pleased to let you know we are fully staffed in each location. Teachers with specialties in Maths, Sciences, LA and Social Studies are available for student assistance. Please check with each school for the teacher's schedules. 

This year, we are finding the needs of our students are as varied as ever. We want you to know that we can adapt your education to your situation. Just call us to chat about your particular needs. In our schools, we have students who are schooling while working fulltime. There are students who do not attend the school and work from home. These students reach the teachers through text, phone calls and through virtual means. There are students who attend on a part time basis and work at home the rest of the time. There are young mothers and fathers who attend. Of course, there are several students who attend daily. Whatever your school needs, we believe we can move you forward with your education.

Your education can take many forms at our schools. Many subjects are taught through module booklets, some are on line and others are a combination of both. Teachers have set up Google classrooms for students two wish to access them. 

People ask us, who can attend? The answer is any student under the age of 19 by September 1st of that school year. 

When can a student register? The answer is, a student can register any time in the school year. We are open five days a week from 8:30 to 3:30. 

You will quickly realize that we are more that just an Outreach School. We make sure our students are cared for. Students should have a number of skills sets before graduating that don't include school work. We offer classes to build those skills in students. Skills of money management, resume writing, employment skills, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, career planning and many other skills are focused on. The more skills a person has the more confident they feel. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Learning stores. 

With Respect,

Mrs. Anne Roberts

Principal Learning Stores

780 841 2934

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