Academic Advisor

There are a number of resources available to students to help shape their academic future, and assist in their every day growth as a student. Here are some of our suggestions:

Current Grades & Marks

Parents and students can view current school based marks online through Powerschool Portal. You will require password access from your school secretary. You can also connect multiple students to one parent log-in if you prefer. 

Powerschool Portal

myPass Account

All high school students should be signed up for a myPass account with Alberta Education. High school students can access transcripts and diploma marks through this site. This is also where students will register to re-write a diploma exam, should that be necessary.

myPass account

Exam Bank - A Study Tool

ExamBank is a powerful resource for Alberta students in all grades. We now offer online study resources in academic subject areas for everyone!

Exam Bank

Here are your usernames and passwords, based on your Learning Store:

Username: fvsd.hlls
Exam Password: video
School: High Level Learning Store

Username: fvsd.lcls
Exam Password: rectangle
School: La Crete Learning Store

Beyond High School

Apply to Post-Secondary Institutions through the Alberta Application System at Apply Alberta

Careers, Learning and Employment

Alis is the provincial gateway to career, learning, and employment information that helps Albertans achieve success. Alis offers information about career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, job searches and more.


Visit alis

Trade Secrets

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training has requirements for high school students to enter Trade Programs. 

View the minimum requirements, and the recommended requirements here:

Trade Requirements

Financial Help

There are options available if you require financial assistance to proceed with your education:

a) Local Bursaries and grants are often available to qualified recipients at graduation. For application information, contact Mrs. Roberts

b) The Alberta and Canada governments provide student loans and grants to help you reach your post-secondary educational goals. Here is more information: Student Aid