Learning Store Staff

"The wise teacher is humble and sparing in words. When the task is accomplished and everything complete, the students say, "We did it! We did it all on our own!"  (adapted from Lao Tzu, circa 500 BC)


Our educational team is filled with professionals, who share in the goals of success for our students. Education in an outreach program often requires our staff to "wrap around" our students, and think outside the traditional methods required to meet their goals. However, the goal remains the same; to educate our students, to support their journey, and to celebrate their graduation. We can't wait to meet our students and get started!

Here is a list of our staff by location:

High Level:

Mr. Chris Squires: Teacher, Sciences and Math

Mr. Allan Spelrem: Teacher, English and Social

Mrs. Holly Isaacs: Educational Assistant

Mrs. Bonnie Smith: Secretary


La Crete:

Ms. Annelise Dyck: Teacher, Sciences and Math

Ms. Linda Friesen: Teacher, Sciences and Math

Mr. Alex MacLean: Teacher, English and Social

Mrs. Eva Derksen: Educational Assistant / Secretary


Fort Vermilion:

Jennifer Vincent: Educational Assistant


Rainbow Lake:

Mrs. Jenine Rennie: Educational Assistant