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Mrs. Anne Roberts - Principal of District Programs


Office Staff: 

Mrs. Bonnie Smith 

Mrs. Eva Derksen


Motivate, Participate, Graduate.


The Learning Store provides an alternative education. We will prepare our students to face life's challenges not only academically but emotionally, and socially. We believe our students will learn that a successful life will be different for each individual.


We believe that our students are lifelong learners, who deserve a wide variety of creative ways to achieve educational success. Our environment is supportive, respectful and centered around building skills for a lifetime. - Mrs. A Roberts

Education Plan

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Education Plan 2017-18

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Supply Lists

All necessary supplies for our independant program are provided by the school. Students are welcome to bring along their preferred tools, such as backpacks, writing tools, or technology, but it is not necessary for assignment completion. 

Facts and Figures

2017-18 School Year:



2016-17 School Year: 


105 Full time students

Total Staff:

11.5 Staff (Certified and Support)

School Division Awards:

Merit Award: Student Supports in Schools

Exceptional Performance in:

  • Safe & Caring Schools
  • Student Learning Opportunities
  • Preparation for Lifelong Learning, World of Work, Citizenship
  • Parental Involvement